INFINIMAX ™ Accelerate: Daily Sex Booster - Berry Naughty - 3 servings
  • $7.95

Berry Naughty is inspired by all those who tend to act proper by day, but have a naughty streak by night. To all those looking for sweet by day and naughty by night, here is your new favorite product. So take on the challenge of being the berry naughtiest you can be. 

INFINIMAX ™ Accelerate: is your new favorite Daily Sex Booster - Take this daily and make your next sexual encounter full of harder orgasms, sexual energy, and more sensitivity.  Great for both men and women. Accelerate works with your body to improve vascular condition and blood vessel vacillation. This means more blood getting to the sexual organs fast. 

Take Accelerate Daily with INFINIMAX Men's or Women's for maximum blood flow, sexual organ health, and better sex.  

For Best Results: Take 4-5 full droppers full(or 5ml) of Accelerate every morning. 

Over 12 servings Per Bottle!!

  • Works with Men and Women - Take together and redefine your sex habits. 
  • Works to correct issues around erectile dysfunction, libido, and female libido and turn you back into the sexual dynamo you are. 
  • All Natural - NO Side Effects
  • Take daily under your tongue
  • Amazing taste and candy finish
  • Longer sex Sessions, better Performance
  • No Caffeine or Taurine 
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Easy to carry in your car or purse.

This is the perfect compliment to our INFINIMAX™ Men's and Women's formulas. Take together and maximize your sex life

This revolutionary concentrate breaks through physical and mental barriers by amplifying the natural sexual health system within you. No harmful side effects, no caffeine crash, no taurine aftermath...this concentrate delivers over and over with unrivaled results. 

Third party studies on our active ingredients show 650% increase in free flowing circulation, blood flow, and hormone delivery in men over 28 years of age, versus using nothing at all. When combined with INFINIMAX Men's Power Formula, and INFINIMAX Women's Sensual Formula, the results are overwhelming. 

Better sex, better performance, better climax. What more could you want?

12 servings per bottle

For Best Results: Take 4-5 full droppers daily with INFINIMAX Men's or Women's Formula. 

This is the perfect compliment to our INFINIMAX™ Men's and Women's formulas. Take together and maximize your sex life.

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