Gymenist Yoga Mat - NBR with Strap
  • $14.95

This yoga is manufactured from Clean PVC, which is a new material with PVC-like properties but made from eco-conscious ingredients. As a result, this cheap, versatile and highly durable yoga mat is an excellent choice for any kind of practice, and if durability is an issue, you could always recycle it, since it's so neutral to the environment. These yoga mats have been certified by an authoritative agency. Extra thick and soft, this mat enables comfortable yoga practice by providing cushioning for your knees, ankles, and other sensitive areas.

  • Great for any workout that needs a MAT, Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics Etc.
  • Black strap included
  • High performance, textured non-slip surface, Great comfort, provides cushioning for your body,
  • Absolutely not toxic - made of eco-conscious materials,
  • Mat Dimensions: 71 x 24 inch (thickness 6MM)

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